This video blog has been collecting material since 1997. Originally copying individual creative items off VHS tapes of entire church services and creative arts presentations, it now comprises digitised video and audio recordings of Dances, Dramas, Songs, Multimedia and the Spoken Word.

The majority of material linked to on this vlog is either created, edited, performed or preached by a current or past member of Hosanna Baptist Porirua (formerly Hosanna Fellowship Porirua, formerly Porirua East Baptist).

Originally, the archiving was purely for the purpose of the various Creative Directors reviewing material with the hopes of improving our presentations, but given the number of years that have passed since, it has grown into a considerable archive, and possibly a resource for others. This site continues to grow as more material is added each day.

This vlog was created and is maintained by Nick Holmes. I was personally reached with the gospel message through Christian music (thanks Altar Boys), and offer this archive in the hope that the material within inspires others in a similar manner. Whether you be a follower of Christ seeking creative ways to share the gospel message, a spiritual seeker looking for something relatable, or a benevolent skeptic who is open to hearing a different point of view, I hope you can find something here that inspires you.