Hosanna Network

Hosanna Baptist Porirua is the founding body of the Hosanna Network of churches.

The name Hosanna came about in a member’s meeting of the Porirua East Baptist Church in 1989. Discussion was had around changing our name to better reflect our community. There was never any intention to leave the Baptist Union. Members voted to change the name of the church to Hosanna Fellowship. In the last few years, “Baptist” has been reintegrated into the name.

In 2020, Gary and Pauline Colville stood down from 34 years of service at Hosanna Baptist Porirua

Fast forward from 1989 to 1991, and the Baptist church in Taita was about to close due to dwindling numbers and an aging congregation. Gary Colville, Pastor of Hosanna Porirua, was aggrieved that any church should be closing, and so he petitioned the Baptist Union to be allowed to re-plant the church, and Hosanna Taita (later the Hosanna World Outreach Centre), was born.

Gary Colville at the anniversary of Hosanna World Outreach Centre

Since then, a number of churches have been birthed out of the Hosanna Network. While not all the churches born out of the Network have stayed a part of it (some electing to become part of other denominations), there is no loss of vision amongst these churches to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 2020, Gary stood down from 34 years in his role as Senior Pastor of Hosanna Porirua. He is succeeded by his daughter, Adele Vannathy.

These are just a fraction of the churches to come out of (or be re-planted by) the Hosanna Network:

Hosanna Baptist Porirua
Hosanna World Outreach Centre (Hutt City)
Carterton Baptist Church
The Dream Centre (Auckland)
Hosanna Avondale Baptist Church (Auckland)
The Terminal (Melbourne)
Hosanna Logan City (Brisbane)
Hosanna Baptist Dannevirke