Artist: Resurrection Band | Album: Between Heaven N Hell | © 1985 Grrr Music (ASCAP)
Words by Glenn Kaiser and Jon Trott. Music by Roy Montroy

In the year 2000
Will we still have minds
Will our hearts be stone cold
And who drew the blinds
Will the frozen tundra
Reflect blue light
In the faces and the passages
Of modern night

And who lit the flame
Who moved the stone
Who promised grace
In the face of Rome
Life in a word
Is the Master of time
By the year 2000
His star may shine

In the neon’s flashing
Will we be machines
Will we push the button
Erasing conscience clean
Will the jagged mountains
Fall down to dust
Consumed by weapons
Of human lust


Where will you go
What will you do
When your life comes crashing
Down on you
You slam the door
You lock your heart
How will you face
The endless dark


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