All I Need

Artist: Sara Groves | Album: The Other Side of Something | © 2004 Sara Groves Music

Newly married, new apartment
All out furniture was saved from the dump
Yes dear, maybe we can afford a trash can next month
All I need is my love for you and a seat for two

New baby, new life
We will teach him to speak French
We’ve got no money so we’ll make it all ourselves
I’ll make the curtains and you make the shelves
All I need is a power saw and a new sewing machine

Honey, this house needs a little something
That bare mantle doesn’t look so good
Someone told me of a man
Who makes animals from driftwood
All I need is your monthly bonus for a wooden walrus

Honey, the Colbaughs are coming over
This house needs some renovations
Just a wall or two, just a little room
And a few new decorations
All I need is a sectional and a satellite tv
And dark-wood cabinets that were custom built for me
And a painting by that guy who paints with his feet

That’s all I need
For now

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