Almost Threw it All Away

Artist: Charlie Peacock | Album: Full Circle | © 1990 EMI Blackwood Music / Sparrow Song

I remember when you were just a girl
And I was a boy in a big man’s world
We had no idea what time would reveal
Little did we know that . . .

Over a million tears had to fall
That is no exaggeration, ‘cause I counted them all
Every sad and senseless incident
Has been mine to recall

But you never gave up, you never gave in
You never said “No, I can’t take any more of this”
You never gave up, never gave in
You refused to believe that love would come to an end

Oh I almost threw it all away
Traded truth for a lie, diamonds for clay
Oh I almost threw it all away

Through clever thinking and strong imagination
Twisting the truth into any configuration
I’d find myself doing things I never dreamed I could do

I’ve known the kind of pain
Where you can’t catch your breath
You say if this is life, please bring me death
Thank God that wish I made never ever came true


True love doesn’t come and go
Here today and gone tomorrow
Doesn’t speak a wicked word
That breaks the heart in two
Doesn’t renegotiate on what it knows is true
Doesn’t give up, give in, throw it all away


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