Arms of Jesus

Artist: Clay Crosse | Album: A Different Man | © MM Word Music / Anything for the Kids Music / ASCAP / Designer Music /
Minnie Partners Music / SESAC / McSpadden-Smith Publishing / SESAC

Like a tainted hero
Like a wayward son
I get a little lost sometimes
I come undone
Though I know what I believe
Still I find a way to leave and run
I run

I start climbing mountains
To stand so tall
Thinking I belong there
Above it all
And my pride gets the best of me
I stumble on reality and fall
And when I fall

Let me fall
Into the arms of Jesus
Let me come into His kingdom
And kneel at His cross
When I stand beneath His mercy
I will give up my all
Let me fall into the arms of Jesus

When I’ve been broken
And stripped away
Of these things I hold on to
That just decay
That’s when I find my resting place
I find out how amazing grace can be
So break my heart
Set me free

This prayer comes straight from my soul
Teach me how to let go
And let me fall

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