Artist: P.I.D. | Album: The Chosen Ones | © 1990 Broken Songs / Carlotta Publishing / Love Jones Music
Additional lyrics by Nick Holmes | © 1999 Hosanna Porirua

Yeah we are here and you’ve got it
All the devils and rebels on the move are being spotted
Run the track get back and let it rattle to the max
I’ll send you sermon by email or message via fax
Just dial 0800 G-O-D with John at the back and Darryl G & Mark C
Because we’re spokesmen for the Word of the Lord
Power flowin’ through me like an extension cord
Supernatural we’re able always gotta be stable
Almighty God is the battery and we’re the jumper cable
So you say you wanna witness you gotta catch this
We’re fishers of men and we can catch some fish
Your spiritual need we ain’t ignorin’
And if you want some prayer we ain’t withholdin’
Non-stop hip-hop it’s the science we drop
Seeya later alligator we’re headed for the top

This is authority

Ain’t no stopping like a dancer pop locking
Keep your feet on the dance floor we’re constantly rockin’
Like a ship in the sea with the G-O-D
Submit yourself to God resist the devil he’ll flee
We like to brag and to boast about a spiritual host
He’s here and coast to coast He’s called the Holiest Ghost
We’re just just the cats in His band in His crew or His clan
He’s not a flash in the pan or the invisible man
The one and only Messiah who’s coolin’ higher and then higher
Let His words be true and every man a liar
You can call on Him now while his ears are still open
At the end of the age then you’re stuck out hopin’
So you need to repent like a camper needs a tent
And God ain’t no sucker so don’t you ever get Him bent
Because He knows ya heart, so don’t even start
Remember now – the fire is hot !!!

This is authority

Songs righting wrongs ignitin’ on the microphone
Kickin’ it home past the bone right to the marrow
Straight and narrow because its supernatural
File this style as wild as a monkey barrel
Rollin’ and blarin’ and tearin’ into your world
Tossing and turning and swirling your thoughts to a twirl
Boys and girls men and women its time to give in to
The funky fresh rhythm through this flesh we live in
This life is simple sometimes its complex
Its like whoever’s clever can you see the next step
Supernatural always in full effect
What you can expect is givin’ God His full repect
In all of our rhymes we bust something concerning
Truth reality the way the clock is turning
I’m yearning to get you in the mode for learning
We’re turning heavenly treasure we’re earning
So don’t try to dis if we ain’t all that
I know where I’m at and yo God’s got my back
We jog on the track so the music ain’t wack
Exercise the nac and launch the attack
Against the devil and his pack, believe that fact
So if you’re in his posse then hit the road jack
Cos you cannot handle what you cannot see
One of us can whip a thousand
2 beat down ten G’s

Supernatural is potent like an infection injection
Straight up and down and in connection detect some
Tracks on the 24 we’re layin’ you’re sayin’
The preachin’ is def and yet we’re stayin’ conveying
The message of Him who spoke and sent us we
went thus 2 in the world to preach the good news
so then bust out the brothers who follow Him the stem
Of a light that is bright and never grimm the brim
Is the edge of the song from where we’re coming
so stunning sucker MC’s are standing and lyric bumming
But humming to the music we’re pumping so stay
in check, respect if you’re down with the devil he’ll have your neck
We ain’t selling out, we take time for you to spell it out
Yeah that’s why I yell it out – NO SELL OUT
full of power, boy……this is authority

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