Baby Girl

Artist: Nicole C. Mullen | Album: Nicole C. Mullen | © 2001 Wordspring Music Inc / Lil’ Jas Music / SESAC

I’ve got a little friend
Her age is 4 plus ten
She calls me on the phone
Crying every now and then
She says, “My mamma just won’t listen
My daddy still is missin’
I don’t feel I am nothing of value or worth”
I say

Baby girl get a hold of yourself
Baby girl don’t you know your wealth
You’re a diamond hiding on a shelf
Baby girl, baby girl
Baby girl don’t you know who you are
God has made you a shining star
A little light is brighter than the dark
Baby girl, baby girl

I call my sister friend
I’m crying and whining again
She lets me vent my heart
Before the healing starts
(And I say) my children just won’t listen
My paycheck still is missin’
And every little thing is working my nerves
She says


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