Be Around

Artist: Priesthood | Album: Sprinkle Me Luv | © 1999 Metro 1 Music

Well in comes the one, two, three, and four here’s a little somethin’ for the
hard core.
If you want more, were knockin’ down doors, knockin’ down ceilings down
to the floor.
We’re knockin’ down speakers, pulse gettin’ weaker, listen to the mind and
the rhyme of the teacher.
Put it in perspective, rhymes are effective, filled with the Holy Ghost now
Im protected.
From you and your crew, you bad boy, it brings joy to see satan paranoid.
Destroyed, bring in the noise, if he’s down for scrappin’, Daddy’s got boys.
Hittin’ much harder than your average team, cause Daddy’s got juice if
you know what I mean.
Now devil what you gonna do about that voodoo you do, once again you
made another booboo.
I come against you, you spiritual guru, cause I already know you got more
just like you.
So keep it comin’ now and you dont dare stop, ticcity toc don’t stop til you
hit the body rock.
Ah yeah J.Raw back at ya, if you didn’t know then you really don’t have to.
That’s why I hit ya just like a ninja, take you out swiftly but you don’t tic
me off, I’m J.Raw I aint soft and if you didn’t know I’ll break you off, check
it out what!

The quicker that they go up, the quicker that they fall down.
I don’t care what they think about me cause
I’m gonna be around (x2)

(Papa Semm 2nd vs.):
Shut the door keep out the devil, shut the door and keep the devil in the
Shut the door keep out the devil, light the candle everything’s alright.
As I glide like Clyde Drexler, pull out your umbrella Holy Ghost gonna wet
My ancestors paved the way for the people, Holy Ghost rocks a lot better
than the Beatles. So much evil but it doesn’t matter, Im covered with the
blood while all the demons scatter.
Theres no one badder than the Great I Am, satan is defeated by the blood
of the lamb.
Batter am here I am and there is no shame, like a migraine I’m a pain to
his brain.
Maintain Gods word I be kickin’, its finger lickin’ like Kentucky fried
Stricken with the Holy Ghost fever, Im proud to be a born again believer.
Follow the leader like a disciple, all hell is troublin’ cause were havin’
The bibles my rifle and Im ready to boogie, put him in a headlock and give
him a noogy.
Spit a loogy in his eye and let him have it tricks are for little kids, you silly


(Swift 3rd vs.):
You label me, call me crazy, comin out the ashes that this world try to lay
me but, like the risin’ of the sun, were bringin’ light into this world and
makin’ every demon run.
Watch em scatter like roaches, as we push away the night cause
redemption day approaches, and its easy to see, that were breakin’ yolks
and bringing folks like one two three.
So stop, listen, what’s that sound?
Holy Spirit is droppin’ and Gods glory comin’ down.
As He takes me by my hand and leads me to a new domain, guided by His
Holy Spirit, bringing forth His Holy reign.
Aint no stoppin cause its on and poppin’, I’m not quittin’ cause its on and
So all opposition you can try to clown, but Im in this to win this and Ill be

(Chorus) repeat