Breath Deep (the Breath of God)

Artist: Lost Dogs | Album: Scenic Routes | © 1992 Brainstorm Artists International

Politicians, morticians, philistines, homophobes,
Skinheads, deadheads, tax evaders, street kids,
Alcoholics, workaholics, wise guys, dimwits,
Blue collars, white collars, warmongers, peaceniks

Breathe deep, breathe deep the breath of God
Breathe deep, breathe deep the breath of God

Suicidals, rock idols, shut-ins, dropouts,
Friendless, homeless, penniless and depressed,
Presidents and residents, foreigners and aliens,
Dissidents, feminists, xenophobes and chauvinists


Evolutionists, creationists, perverts, slumlords,
Deadbeats, athletes, protestants and catholics,
Housewives, neophites, pro-choice, pro-life,
Masagonists, monogamists, philanthropists, blacks and whites


Police, oldies, lawyers and government,
Sex offenders, tax collectors, war vets, rejects,
Athiests, scientists, racists, sadists,
Photographers, biographers, artists, pornographers


Gays and lesbians, kindergarten thesbians
Disabled, preachers, doctors and teachers
Meat eaters, wife beaters, judges and jury,
Long hairs, no hairs, EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE

(Chorus X2)