Chance I Have To Take

Artist: Bob Carlisle | Album: Bob Carlisle | © 1993 Never The Less Music / Careers-BMG Music / Queen Takes Pawn Music

Down inside this heart of mine
There is a door locked by design
Hinges of rust from all the tears
Keep it shut from all my fears
You ask me to let down the wall
With no defense to catch my fall
It’s too late to play it safe
It’s the chance I have to take

So I choose love, a love that can take
A heart so cold and teach it to break
Tears may fall along the way
That’s a chance I have to take

I’ve seen a mockery made of love
Everyone talks but no one does
So I hid my heart upon a shelf
To never give to anyone else
I fall apart when I hear your words
Healing will come to those who hurt
Change never comes to those who wait
It’s the chance I have to take


True joy in living is found only in forgiving
The ones who’ve scarred you so
Let them go…let them go
Now you are asking for my trust
That’s been abused so very much
But I’ll give to you the me that breaks
It’s the chance I have to take