Darkest Hour

Artist: Dream of Eden | Album: Wonderful Thing | © 1992 Essential Record Group

Midnight in the darkest hour
Hear the wind at my door
And its voice stirs my soul again
I cry out like a frightened child
All alone and afraid
In this bed that I made alone
All alone and afraid
Pray to God that I make the night

When the day turns to night
I must look away
When the wind screams the night
Then my soul decays
I just can’t take anymore
The chill is rising up from the floor
Make the thief in the night
Go away

Daytime seems a life away
Feel the sweat on my brow
As I hear the wind howl
My name
I’m a prisoner
In my own cruel world
Will this panic I feel
In my soul soon reveal
Its name
All alone in this place
Close my eyes
Hide my face from it all