Days of our Youth

Artist: Glass Canoe | Album: Glass Canoe | © 1992 Transistor Music

Passing by you today I stopped and realised
There’s an ever widening gulf
That the years have forged between us
And though the years be cruel or kind
We cannot help but find
That ours was but one moment of the golden

And of the crazy dreams and the glorious schemes
shall we leave them be?
And of travelling up north in your old beat up ford
We called her naivety
And though it was only a matter of “when”
We thought time could not touch us then
We tossed our long hair back and claimed our share of the golden

For these were the days, the days of our youth
These were the times, the times that I’ll remember
These were the days, the days of our youth
Was it all so simple then?
Was it all so right then?
Or didn’t we know then
These were the days of our youth

And to those we loved, and to those we first gave our kisses to
And to those we lost, though our hearts shall break,
We shall remember them too
And though faded photos shall remind us
Of the friends we left behind
Don’t let our hearts be blinded by the changes.