Farther On

Artist: Russ Taff | Album: The Way Home | © 1989 Tori Taff Music / James Hollihan Music

I hear you have a soft spot
For fools and little children
And I’m glad, ‘cause I’ve been both of those
I shook my fist up toward the sky
And at most of those who loved me
A frightened angry boy in grown-ups’ clothes

But a father’s eyes can always see right through
And a father’s heart can tell when tears are true
Now I’m standing on this road
Your hand has brought me to
Your faithful love will lead me farther on

Life sure has its choices
You left those choices to me
And I’m glad
But sometimes I feel caught
Its hard to know which bridge to cross
And which bridge I should be burning
I long to learn, I’m so slow to be taught


Farther on . . .farther on . . .