Artist: Greg X Volz | Album: No Room in the Middle | © 1989 Xavier Publishing / River Records

Feelings come, feelings go
Feelings are so deceiving
I’ll place my faith in the word of the Lord
Nothing else is worth believing
Nothing else is worth believing

Been on this roller coaster too many days
Riding in a circus of emotion
I get up on the high wire then down in the lion’s cage
My feelings have been ruling my devotion
I feel like a strong man
I feel like a clown
I let my feelings push me up and down
Who can help me off this merry-go-round
Tell me what is real
Can I trust what I feel


Peanuts and popcorn and I’m feeling OK
I get excited when that dancing bear dances
But can I serve him when the band doesn’t play
Can I trust him through these changing circumstances
“If it feels good,” they say, it can’t be wrong
But love is more than a calliope song
How can I get back to where I belong
Get off this ferris wheel
You’ve got to trust what is real