Artist: Glass Canoe | Album: Glass Canoe | © 1992 Transistor Music

You could see this was his first son
You could see he was his only one
And for the women his son she bore
There was a feeling he’d never known before
This strange moment of tenderness
This feeling of togetherness
Well he swore he was going to give them his best
Give them his all

He was feeling a love so fierce
Like a tiger in his belly down below
A love so fierce, like a fire raging through his soul

And walking home he felt so high
But then a ton of bricks fell from the sky
Cos he was unemployed, still running wild
Not the kind of man to raise a child
He felt like running away
But something in him told him he’d stay
He never knew the price he would pay
It never entered his mind


All his life he’d been running alone
Now he had someone he could call his own
Now he had somewhere he was calling home
Calling a friend