Forget About Your Troubles

Artist: Dynamic Twins | Album: 40 Days in the Wilderness | © 1995 DII Songs / Brainstorm Artists International

Forget about your troubles
Just keep movin’ on
Forget about your troubles
Just keep movin’ on

Forget about your problems just ease your mind
Leave your thoughts of the past leave it all behind
Take a bow with this mob as we sound out this rap
(diggy-dup-diggy-dup that’s the sound of your track
Your messed up because your stressed out
We suggest that you hand it over to God
Then you will be better
So chill in the land of that milk and honey
Don’t worry about your plans your car or your money
So people in the world are you with me
Because your eyes are lookin’ pretty misty
Keepin’ pleasin’, never changin’ thru the seasons – yeah
Everything happens for a reason
Ease on down ease on down down the road
Watch the rock ’n’ roll turn to gold
Don’t fight the light, look ahead ‘cause its bright
Its the light not the night
Everything’s gonna be alright


So if your fed up hold your head up then breathe
Feel the breeze smell the sign of relief
To the pressure baby I’ll be wit’ ya
To inject a little word to uplift ya
Everything is OK today its ok brother
Like the mole sing along – “Akuna Matada”
So move back to the groove track
Lookin’ at a wall that’s a high stack
But I go through things – yo strangerThrow your hands up in the air
Wave them all around like you just don’t care
Keep it strictly simple, please
We’re just JAM packed to believe and receive
Don’t worry about tomorrow ‘cause tomorrow may never come
Just go about your biz and go and have some fun
Forget about your problems just get on down with that funky sound
Come on down


See I’m walkin’ it by faith not walkin’ it by sight
‘Cause the Lord is my strength and the Lord is my light
As I move through the valley of the shadow of death
Yet I fear no evil ‘cause the Lord is in my midst


Da da da dee da da da daa