Hang My Head and Cry

Artist: David Mullen | Album: Revival | © 1989 Warner Brothers Records

I make my money, I make my pay
No time for family, no . . . time to pray
And it comes as no big wonder
When I’m suffering defeat
I wanna hang my head and cry

I wanna hang my head and cry
For the times I’ve lived a lie
And cry Father forgive me
For I know just what I do
I wanna hang my head and cry

So it’s time to put away
The things of a child
For to long I have neglected
The things that are worthwhile
So with my heart, my hopes, my world, Lord
Hold me in Your hand
And Lord make this boy Your man

I want more from living than just living for today
Want more of sacrifice than just tithing to a plate
Wanna be more than healthy
More than wealthy, more than wise
I wanna see the hunger in the third world’s eyes
And I write it off and wrap it up
In christian talk and guise
Don’t let me become the man that I say that I despise

I wanna hang my head and cry