Artist: Carolyn Arends | Album: This Much I Understand | © 1999 New Spring Publishing / Running Arends Music

Do I annoy you with my optimism
Am I an insult to your realism
I’ve got hope and just a little bit of passion
I know both those things have gone right out of fashion
So call me a rebel, you can call me a fool
I won’t give up the fight, I just refuse

And I will dare to dream
I will dare to believe in something, baby
I will dare to be – happy
I will dare to be happy

Does it offend you that I’ve made that decision
Does it betray your sense of fatalism
Well please forgive me but I don’t believe it’s treason
For me to live my life like its mine for a reason
So call me Pollyanna, you can call me a child
But I will not lie down, that’s not my style