I Believe | Altogether Separate

Artist: Altogether Separate

I’m not blinded, by what they say that I should see
Holding on to tomorrow and losing grasp of eternity
Search for truth leads them round and round
Stands behind them as they peak through the
looking glass
There’s got to be more to this life than sitting by and
watching hours pass

No matter what they say, I believe
No matter what may come my way, I believe
‘Cause I’m part of this revolution
Where there’s life and love andliberty
That the world didn’t give and they sure cant take it away
One love, one faith, one God … I believe

I don’t mind the idea of solidarity
‘Cause I can never be lonely just as long as You’re standing with me
‘Cause You and I make a mighty good team and we don’t mind initiating change
And I don’t care what they think about me ’cause their ideas You can rearrange


One love, one faith one God … I believe… No matter
what may come my way I believe