I Believe | Wes King

Artist: Wes King | Album: The Robe | © 1993 Emily Boothe

I believe in six days and a rest
God is good I do confess
I believe in Adam and Eve
And a tree and a garden and a snake and a thief

I believe, I believe
I believe in the word of God
I believe, I believe
Cause he made me believe

I believe Noah built an ark of wood
120 years no one understood
I believe Elijah never died
Called fire from heaven on a mountainside


It’s been passed down through ages of time
Written by hands of men
Inspired by the Lord
His word will remain till the end

I believe Isaiah was a prophet of old
The lamb was slain just as he foretold
I believe Jesus was the word made man
And he died for my sins and he rose again
Don’t you know that