I Promise You

Artist: Greg Long | Album: Days of Grace | © 1994 Straggletoons / Dayspring Music / Fresh Rain Music / Magnolia Hill

You’ve changed my life
Now I want to be forever faithful
I have decided I’ll be the man God wants me to be
I’ll stand by you through good and bad
I’ll be right here to hold your hand
His love is the reason I say

I promise you as sure as oceans are blue
I am gonna love you forever
I promise you no matter what you go through
We are gonna make it together
I promise you

I see you cry
And I want you to know that I’m crying with you
I won’t say goodbye
Nothing’s gonna keep me away
I know it’s hard to trust sometimes
I know there are questions on your mind
Please let me tell you again


Even when your dreams begin to fade
You can have faith
I will be true to the promise I made
You can believe in me