I’m Not Talking About Religion

Artist: Altar Boys | Album: Gut Level Music | © 1986 Broken Songs

Everybody’s going round saying this, saying that
You don’t know what to believe man
You just don’t know
There’s some truth here and a little over there, man
Do this, do that – it’s just a big zero
It gets so confusing, yeah
But let me tell you plain and simple

I’m not talking ’bout religion
I’m not talking ’bout just a belief
I’m not talking ’bout going to church, no
That’s not christianity
I’m not talking ’bout science
I’m not talking ’bout politics
I’m not talking ’bout shaving your head
I’m talking ’bout God, that’s relationship – oh yeah

Some say if you wanna find truth it’s in your mind
Someplace somewhere – it’s deep inside
Just sit there on the floor, cross your legs and shut the door
Say these words over and over and over
And the truth will come
Ah, man it never does
You wanna find truth, you wanna find love, well


I’m not trying to hand you some old line
I’m telling you – God lives in my heart, that’s right
Do you understand what I’m saying?
Do you understand where I’m coming from?
Do you? Do you? Do you?

A lie is a lie man, no matter how it’s said
I’m tired of all the deception – I’m sick of it
I’m gonna say it like it is – Jesus is God
He died for you and he rose from the dead – that’s the way it is
Just turn and you will see
A life set free – listen to me