Irish Garden

Artist: Resurrection Band | Album: Awaiting Your Reply | © 1978 Dawn Treader Music

Sitting in an Irish garden you melancholy bride
All your children are dying blood on the roadside
Your people are helpless and no one consoles you
As bullets keep flying filling you with holes
Why oh why did you run and hide
Its a cultural shock to the soul
You sit in the flames of the fire you set
The nation is out of control

Sitting in an Irish garden you broken bride to be
Rise up through your sorrow
Jesus makes you free

Olden days gone by it was not so then
Time to play sing and dance in his holy land
Why did I hide from you with the serpent at my heel
I’m sorry for the way that I must have made you feel
Must have made you feel
Lord I’m sorry for the way I know I made you feel

Humble us to seek you Father
Heal our land so lost in sin
Draw us from the bitter water
To the garden once again