Is This What You Wanted

Artist: Jill Phillips | Album: Jill Phillips | © 1996 Word Music Inc / ASCAP

What can be said for what’s in your head
Where do your thoughts meet with your actions
Don’t tell me lies or give me advice
About what to do with my life
I know where you are, you’re not very far
From the edge of a point where you can’t turn back
And all that you see, all you believe is how you can meet all your needs

Is this what you wanted from your life
Or would you say your expectations have changed
It’s a sure sign of a wrong turn
But then you don’t pay attention anymore (anyway)

Spiraling down you plunge to the ground
Waited by all the baggage you are holding
Clutching it tight with all of your might
You don’t even realize that you are falling
Gone is the glow we all used to know
Your eyes seem to focus on a point beyond me
The words are rehearsed and neatly versed
To dutifully further your façade


What can I say to make you listen
The words are flying through your ears and out your head
It’s wasting time and wasting breath
Cause “I’ll do what I want” you once said
And you’ll do what you want like you said

So show me the place, the very first trace
Of love in your life- as you now call it
You would have been ashamed but you’ve changed your name
And I guess you’ve changed your mind
I guess you’ve changed your mind
oh, you’ve changed, you’ve changed