It Was Love

Artist: Russ Taff | Album: The Way Home | © 1989 James Hollihan Music / Tori Taff Music / Darrell Brown Music / Geffin Music / Tall Girl Music

Doctor I’ve got a hole in my heart
The prescription you gave me ain’t doing its part
Take back your medicine, your complicated words
I found something so simple you’re gonna think its absurd
Stronger than thunder, easy to pronounce
It didn’t cost me a penny

It was love, it was love
Blinding light from above
It was love, it was love
I was looking everywhere then I finally looked up

Shocked me, shocked me I can still feel the heat
from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet
Got my attention, stopped me dead in my tracks
He said “Stop…..look up here”
I started shakin’, to tell you the truth
It went right to my heart


I had a big hole in my heart
And I was lookin’, I was lookin’ everywhere
Till something got a hold of me
And I turned around and I looked up
I saw lightning……and it hit me