It’s Been a Long Time

Artist: Mark Schultz | Album: Stories & Songs | © 2003 Crazy Romaine Music

I know there’s a hole inside of me that’s nine foot wide
Yes I know cause I’ve tried to fill it up with foolish pride
And You go and You take my trophies off the ledges
Idols I had kept instead of wanting what was real
I know that I’ve worn a thousand costumes in my life
Yes I know so that no one else could see me deep inside
And You go and peel away from the perfect faces
Dust me off and then You say it’s
Time to be yourself

And it’s been a long time
Been a long time
Been a long time for me
You’ve opened my eyes
And I’ve realized
It’s been a long time to see
Who I am

I know there’s a little boy in me trapped deep inside
Yes I know he’s so afraid to fail and so he hides
And You go and You open up a door within me
Take him by the hand and say we need to step outside


And like a bird I want to fly away from here
Don’t want to look inside this broken heart of mine
It’s where You tell me there’s so much I have
To give away
So much to give to You
So much I buried deep inside of me
Beyond a wall of memories
You brought me here to set me free
The more I look the more I see that