I’ve Got The Victory

Artist: Pam Thum | Album: Believe | © 1997 Dimension Music / McSpadden-Smith Music / Magnolia Hill Music / Indian Rocks Music / Six Palms Music

Every face tells a story and I’ve got such a story to tell
There are chapters of glory better than fairy tales
But there are plenty of pages that I don’t wanna go back and read
And it’s not over but I know the ending
Cause I’ve got the victory in me

Joy, joy and peace
Running through my soul
Bringing hope in everything
Cause my heart knows
I’ve got the victory in me

This story started with Jesus
And how His love conquered Calvary
He’s the hero and the only reason
I’ve got the victory in me


I can laugh when things go wrong
And I can get up in the morning
And put a smile on my face
And say out loud its alright, its alright yeah
I can stand and I can sing
And I can tell the world what I believe
In the face of anything cause
I’ve got the victory in me