J.A.M. Intro

by Jeremy Faumuina, Nick Holmes & Vernon Omeri | © 1992 Hosanna Porirua | View on YouTube

Rappers come, rappers go
The word they bring you’ll never never know
They say good, we say bad
The word of Christ is the best we’ve ever had y’all

J-E-S and U-S
Word to the people in the place regardless of race listen up
Coz now you’re in touch with the JA.M.
Real children of Abraham
Don’t dis man coz the ‘I AM’ can slam
Don’t listen to Satan coz Satan is deceitful
Yo! Love your brother, treat him as an equal
Not like the brothers in the New Jack Jungle
Ruff, tuff and tumble make ya wanna stumble
We are the J-freaks jamming on the scene
Jesus and me thru the M-I-K-E

That was the intro, lets get mental
Compassion! What does it mean?
Can you identify with another brother’s dream
I don’t think so, you gotta be where its at
You ain’t down with God – Yo! We don’t play that
What did God say before about the people
Yo! Love your neighbour, treat him as an equal
We’ve told you twice now that was the sequel
We’re trying to reach ya’ll with a message of compassion
That’s the message with the most of
This massive gift that you need a dose of

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound

This is the list of the lost not found
Forsaken, mistaken, the heavy laden
Hidden are the clinical the ones we think are cynical
The downcast, the bitter, the poor and the lame
Yo! Yo! They ain’t got no fame
J.A.M. is for Porirua, town of opportunity
We’re reaching out to save the whole communityThat means you, you, you – and me

Yes we’re back, that’s a fact
Hosanna Rap, in effect, just get back
Black and white, re-unite
By my Spirit says the Lord not by might ya’ll

J-E-S and U-S
Word from the Father

There is a God who’s felt what you’re going thru
And the actions you said you would do
He’s not sitting far away, unable to care
In some distant planetary atmosphere – ya know it
He’s down to earth in fact
A stable made him able to show the whole world
His love is like a cable reaching out to all
Especially those who fall ya’ll
His heart with sorrow was torn to shreds
Yet not my will but yours He said

That’s the sound of the man
Loosened from his chains