Artist: Live | Album: V | © 2001 Radioactive Records

Even now the world is bleedin’ but feelin’ just fine
All numb in our castle
Where we’re always free to choose
Never free enough to find
I wish somethin’ would break cuz we’re runnin’ out of time

And i am overcome
I am overcome
Holy water in my lungs
I am overcome

These women in the street pullin’ out their hair
My master’s in the yard givin’ light to the unaware
This plastic little place
Is just a step amongst the stairs


So drive me out
Out to that open field
Turn the ignition off
And spin around
Your help is here but i’m parked in this open space
Blockin’ the gates of love

(chorus x2)

Beautiful drowning
This beautiful drowning
This holy water
This holy water is in my lungs

And i am overcome
I am overcome
I am overcome
I am overcome