Truth Of The Matter

by Nick Holmes, John Liuaana, Mark Clifford, Junior McGee | © 2004 Hosanna Porirua

My generation ask the questions
We didn’t get told our past
Now we are searching for our own answers
Drowning in knowledge – but not of self

My heart deceives me so easily, yeah
It says go this way, go that way, go round
I follow blindly on my own feelings
Who is my guide through this maze of emotion

What is the answer and who can give it
What if the truth hurts after all
Do I really care enough to try it
What is the truth of the matter

Some people pursue truth with a vengeance
Some people let the truth in
Some know already but choose to ignore it
What’s up with that

If truth is truth and a lie is a lie
Who’s right and who is all wrong
Some say that truth is supernatural
Can it be proved


Some people say that the truth is all relative
Positive and negative truth
Black and white to the fight
All night with no clue to identity
Different for you and for me to both disagree
What is the moment of truth and is it relevant
Open your eyes – revelation is imminent

(instrumental break)